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the same for years, because the atrophy and contraction

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highest exponents of the science and art of obstetrics,

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inhabitants, have not yet passed away ; the ear which was sharpened by

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form a network entwining the bundles. The author consid-

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will contain thirty-three parts of real ammonia, according to Sir H. Davy's

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prefers the internal administration of mercury to either the

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ask with him — " can science hope for a richer harvest, or philanthropy a

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perfectly incoherent, vociferating at the top of her voice, cursed the clergy,

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Three Cases Operated upon for Otitic Abscess of the Temporal

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stages of painful excitement to uterine contraction; and though differing in

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produced by the stiffness and contraction caused by the growth

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in regard to its formation, known as the "Seitenketten

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fied pbenylhydrazin teat combines the most valuable qualities

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voice are also noted, as well as over-secretion of mucus neces-

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After a crude resemblance of the nose has been thus

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the results, while by no means complete, have already

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fact permits us to determine its position in the trachea, or in either of the

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of other inmates. It would seem proper that the profession

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"These facts, testified by Dr. John Moir, confirm most satifaclorily Dr.

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affected with vomiting, for which a blister was applied to the epigastrium,

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Towaids the middle of the posterior part of the petrous bone, a fissure of

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prominent members of the medical corps exhibit a spirit of scepticism with

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against atony. On operating, perigastric adhesions were found

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From the Author. — Elements of Medical Jurisprudence. By Theodoric

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On Incising this region the parotid gland was first reached ; this

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one indeed, because here the lesion is confined so closely

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made to one of the physicians that he was personally distaste-

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with one another, but terminating in its substance. These investigations of

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Bell's Select Medical Library (June, 1838), for the purpose of supplying


evidence of activity and identity into a common recep-

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ing also the significance of shock, checked secretions/

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gested larynx and reduced the congestion about three-