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is moistened with saliva and the starch begins to be changed into
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to adopt the expressions secondary interstitial nephritis for this form and
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tended upon this search appears to me only to emphasize the fact
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unripe fruits, articles of diet which favor fermentation and the exces-
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aged. Walking is good exercise though not vigorous enough to
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by a network of small blood vessels which make it appear red
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The working of nature is at present more fully recognized in
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organs and to a normal ami healthy condition of the Serves and mus-
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blood, and msiy also be deposited normally in the liver, muscles, etc.,
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way, that are experienced by other people. It is only w^hen the phe-
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painting the inflamed lump with the tincture of iodine or a strong
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into a condition of chronic alcoholism. Only those who at the same
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when these arteries are so weakened as to rupture apoplexy results.
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For clinical purposes urines may be conveniently classed as: (1) Yellow
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those of Bertrich, Carlsbad, Marienbad, Tarasp, etc. ; and (c) saline
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said about this affection in medical literature and in the advertise-
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do something to prevent the development of this struma.
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When the flesh of beef or pork containing one of these embryos
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was a leader in all measures for the support or ad-
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pain usually, nor does it increase rapidly in size, neither does it
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potash into half a tumbler of water ; dissolve and give a teaspoonful
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on each upper side of the womb. The matured egg passes alowlv
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resulting toxins. Any one or all of these causes may, perhaps, help in the
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very rarely hfiematoporphyrinuria has been met with apart from the
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most no carbohydrates ; then the glycosuria entirely subsides, some-
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dry skeleton, not a liver preserved in alcohol, but a skeleton clothed
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For clinical purposes the best test available is based upon the conspicuous
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lation of those substances in the tissues and less chance of the con-
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The conditions of weakness frecjuently observed during these rather
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these systoms, perhaps only one but more frequently several of them.
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produced in the course of an acute or chronic general disease. This
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as the mixed treatment. The following is an excellent formula and