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held in accurate contact with each other, skin with skin and muscle

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the city, are hereby requested to conform to all the requirements of the law relat-

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powder, pill, or ball, as an intestinal antiseptic, and as a

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Suppositoria Glycerini. Suppositories of Glycerin. (U. S. P.)

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Dose.—B.. & C, 3SS.-3SS. (2.-15.); Sh. & Sw., 3 ss.-i..

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potash is a disinfectant, but it is too expensive for general

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awarded to the double-flap operation of Professor Nathan Smith,

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rod points. Both the papules and vesicles are formed about the hair

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nying the truth of the statements on which the Surgeon-General's

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had remained in or near its present locality ever since the capture of

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of the various articles used or proposed to counteract the poisonous

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experience, thesubjects of Diphtheria are,alniost universally, children ;

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in acute nephritis, and will not lead to irritation of the

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muscles of these organs. Belladonna acts medicinally as

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sion, frothing, hissing, livid lace, purple lii)S, strong spasm of the

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vessels or tissues. Small doses of the tincture of ferric

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nal tube, no lesion was found until the stomach was reached, where

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contained in digitalis when in solution, but this can be re-

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centrated urine froija which calculi are liable to be deposited.

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life a woman of his own age, and by her had three daughters, but no son ;

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rapidly ; she Avas unable to move herself or turn in bed. Her counte-

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was aniemic ; pulse 96. There was a murmur with the first sound of

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to six hundred thousand dollars, to found and maintain an experiment-

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bv the French West India method, but still not approaching the speci-

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Synonym. — White lead, E.; ceruse, Fr.; bleiweiss, G.

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chamber was thus punctured on the return of pain or uneasiness

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from acromion, 30i ; length of thigh from trochanter, 18; length of

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and paralysis of the spinal cord follows ; the sensory before

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emollient in burns and skin irritation. It assists in the per-

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Mr. Wood thinks the most likely cause of failure in this operation

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indications for strophanthus are identical with those for

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in about 6 parts of water ; insoluble in alcohol, ether, or

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thouglit there was nothing unreasonable in conceiving that, whilst

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on ii perhaps even better. Draw a piece of tent eloth over the stand-

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