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not only prevents it from being acted upon by the gastric juice, but also
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markable meeting from the standpoint of attendance. Of the entire
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presence of fecal matter in the adjacent coils of intestine. While at the
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lently to the ground when he saw another man fall ; and of another hav-
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cases and of 44 gathered from literature, concludes that there can be
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large branch of the pulmonary artery ; it may also be secondary to the
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intestinal colic. The antecedent history is of great value in arriving at a
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of food and saliva may also lead to secondary bronchitis, or the condi-
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.The influence of sex and age as causal factors is notable and in
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toned wheezing sound that may also be audible to onlookers. A great
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is probably a direct result of the presence in the urine of the causal
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appeared. The latter may last from several hours to a day. During