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tives of the Advisory Board on Health Services of the Amer-

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be ol.tai.H-a. Tl... .-xa-.t sif of Hu- .M.n-lu.llar lesion is .l.airn..s.Hl ,mrtl.v

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cal technics of endoscopic transurethral resection,

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In this inyestigation the muscle fibers of the atrio-ventricular system

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the report of the Committee on Rural Medical Service.

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worse, complaining of pain everywhere, and evidently paralysis had

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,,,,win, of the par. as a neutral -,-<. A. otl.-r pi s „ will eal l.o.tli

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Constitution and By-Laws— B. Landis Elliott, Kansas City,

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The Relationship of the Thyroid with Othet Endocrine Organs

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day, and the total blood loss is often less than in a

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ties: Adair, Chariton. Clark. Knox. Lewis. Linn, Macon.

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should be required to pass the tuberculin test before they are allowed

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aceiiunt for. The eiidnuenoiis excretion in man is not the same for

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necrosis of part (Fig. 9) or all of the tuft, and even with miliary abscess

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midline of the field of vision. This is an instance of a wiled reeiproeal

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Sir James Mackenzie, in “The Beloved Physician,”

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'■'SliiTiiimtiMi, <". S. : Nuiiiiiiiii.- |>ii|ii'is III! iciipripi-iil iiinrivatiipii ol' iuitii;;i>ni»tic

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Hinton test was negative. At that time, 3.75 millicuries

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26. Spontaneous renal lesions in a dog (Figs. 1 and 2) 123

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The second reason is that by producing its own horses and mules

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by the principles of sanitation. When reports show that the packer

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well as those countries which buy our meats, may be assured of a

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iliiiiiiil cdiiilitioiis alTeetiiiu aiienii:), 2S,'!

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first 30 days after birth. It is during this fatal first month that 62.1%

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and failed to mention their origin on the packages.

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the same, under the law of May 9, 1902, has been continued. Dur-

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1,1 in it^ vi.'M I.r lalU a.-i.l Wli.'H in. .'n-lis. .in-taliuliMn "f tat i. '^n

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38. Sanders, R. L. : Perforation of the Gall Bladder. Analysis

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“Musings of the Field Secretary,” written by Mr. Mc-

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ble when therapy stopped. After castration, similar

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invoked frequently since. Practically all subsequent studies have

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be provided with facilities for locking. The Government also pro-