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tion, and this may continue after digestion is completed; the organ may thus

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perform this operation after the figns of putrefadion

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quite recently C. J. Martin has been able to explain these by taking into

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the total non-protein nitrogen, or for one or other of its components

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the provisions of this Act or anything therein author-

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enlargement, but no outgrowth or thickening of either cartilage or bone.

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as recommended by Pemberton, was found to be useful in many cases, but the

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celled infiltration spreads rapidly, the tissues undergoing necrosis. There

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cutting short the impending or current attack. But in continued fevers,

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air, in light or darkness, in water or underground, has no effect for a long /

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lants are necessary. Sternberg claims brilliant results from the systematic

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liver. The organ is then soft and flabby, the edge is rounded, the cut

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respond to this treatment, the existence of rheumatoid arthritis or gout is

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which determines the caseous degeneration. The giant cells result from

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be from the previous pressure, as to induce syncope or fatal collapse.

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dry and healthy for fheep, but they v/ould likewifc

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of oxygen, must be given to relieve asphyxia ; and should the breathing

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pressure. The cardiac rate was decreased. This animal was then

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points in the periphery of the little body (Fig. 41, e). Sometimes the

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calcium whatever, others being of the same density as the surrounding

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the wound by a phthisical operator has been found to be the cause. The

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alitnt. Ergo vini quoquc, sed austeri, necessarius usus est." —

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health as future citizens. At present many of them, when they begin

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makes any complaint perforation may have occurred. Sometimes the

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taken. Such unsuitable articles of diet as pickles, ices, nuts, and sweet-

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characteristic feature of the malady, as shown by the names consumption

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waste and become atrophic, it is tolerably certain they can store away

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communication of tubercle by vaccination may be said to be absolutely

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or even heartburn, occurring with a definite periodicity. Again, we have

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affections as Egyptian chlorosis, the cachexia aqueuse of the West Indian