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supported by finding of bile duct cysts in neonates.

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M.D., Salina. Ballots for the primary election were

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The treatment is unsatisfactory to both patient and

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drawn-out, anxious respirations, with the fine, high, crowing inspiration,

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arrow indicating top. They must be referred to by num-

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nothing of etiologic moment could be observed. Cultures were taken

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tion into the asphyxial stage brings about a lessened number of stools,

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Matting of the Pelvic Structures. — This condition is

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Identification of Risk Factors and Susceptible Populations in Duluth

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himself advances no convincing arguments. Expressing himself in

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patients. Elderly or debilitated patients: 15 mg recom-

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dinavian Dancers — ranging in age from grandchild

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situated immediately below the shoulder is selected, since the scar

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to the diagnosis of its origin, sometimes purely local, but again con-

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5. Elahi, D. e/o/..’ Feedback inhibition of insulin secretion by

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right auricle, pulmonary vessels, jugular and subclavian veins,

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In the audit of your payroll for final billing purposes,

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In the year 1892 a notable outbreak occurred* in Afghanistan and

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is already in the literature a series of cases of bromoform-poisoning,

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there is no protection for males. Unquestionably feeble, especially

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naturally vaccinated individuals usually remained immune through-

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differences, also purely morphologic, between the two kinds of eflflores-

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skatol, benzoic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and its salts, salol, tri-

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atrophy— in 160 (17"5 per cent.). Patency of the foramen

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— "Nachweis der Cholerabakterien im Flusswasser," "D. med. Wschr.," 1892, Nr.

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despite massive fluid replacement the patient did not

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stripped off with the finger ; under them the mucous membrane, denuded

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sometimes see a continuance of the disease throughout a winter in

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associate professor and director of clinical research in

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It is anticipated that further expansion will take place

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8. Letellier P. Gay and bisexual male domestic violence victimization: