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results, it is obvious that the most simple should be
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carmin methods, tracts with Marchi and Weigert methods.
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The boy. A., was si.xteen years of age, was of about the
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Mentally Deficient Children: Their Treatment and Training.
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isms, mutism, and inhibition of the will are the fea-
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almost all the acute diseases of the pancreas begin
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living constituent of this material, namely, the phan-
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rough edges. In the extreme upper edge of the wound,
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shaken out of its sealed glass ampoule into a steril-
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tective influence, and the middle ear, on account of
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gall-bladder was found to be perfectly normal. The pyloric half of the
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only a linear injection is required. 4. In the case
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the pulp may be purified with glycerin, whereas the
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casionally in selected cases, before unconsciousness
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disease not understood or diagjiosticated, or is the
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pallor was marked. He was in a comatose state from which
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L. K. Shaw, of Albany; treasurer. Dr. Whitbeck, of Kings-
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carry a full line gf Paints, Brushes, Pallet Rest Sticks, Pantographs and
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L. Reed, of Cincinnati, Dr. Horace J. Whitacre, of Cin-
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of absence from October 28. 1910. under paragraph 210.
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mastoid cavities, etc. This position is also advis-
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Russia — Eastern Siberia, territory .. Oct. 30-Nov. 5 25
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with milk— if it has been spoiled, how can it be re-
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typhoid fever in the State during 1910 is below the aver-
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minute foreign bodies or even the crystals of other
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a fault of growth, and for this reason care is need-
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Zeisel. Meine bisherigen Erfahrungen mit Ehrlich 606.
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ly justified, says our author, and he thinks that tu-
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