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ing, basic in seat, and usually best heard over the pulmonary ori-
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Where ever these blisters break, it leaves an unhealthy
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disease if not given prompt treatment, gradually progresses
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tion, that in these times of political excitement more negroes
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Ernest W. Cook Harry A. Keplinger Charles F. Pfeiffer
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Her pulse never rose above 120, and then only two or three
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centers, controlling irritation. It constitutes an excellent remedial
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material that must necessarily depress functional activity. Rem-
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influenza, lung fever, etc. Consumption may be heredi-
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we can give it, in doses small or large, to infants and adults, as
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*1886. 1912. Mitchell, S. Weir, 1524 Walnut St., Pliiladelphia.
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view, have an assistant to hold the skin back out of the
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wrist large enough to let out all the fluid and contents,
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"The drug has become a prime favorite with many of our
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tensor pedis muscle — and other muscles — are deprived of
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Dr. V. C. Vaughan read a paper entitled "The Poisonous Group
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if we consult an eminent physiologist we find that "The contents
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"We also employ iron as a specific against certain zymotic poi-
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plexus, which supplies some parts at the outlets of the pelvis,
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of the honest citizen; but that is a matter of obvious
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fall here was not sufficient for the most practised hand to de-
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and variation of temperature), with depression of spirits and
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ances are prominent ; scrofula ; anemia ; amenorrhea ; affections
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an anxious expression of countenance, eyes staring, breath-
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trouble is with our governing boards ; but consider
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cess in chronic menorrhagia where the menstrual discharge occurs
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Of our indigenous materia medica we have two remedies that
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the four months that intervened between the occurrence of these symptoms
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is impaired, by the appearance of constriction of all the tissues
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chitis is relieved by its use, and in diseases resulting in anemia