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spiring. The temperature of the body mounts rapidly to anywhere
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of obstruction. It is more common in males than females. It occurs
system, rather than to the existence of any altered structure, since they
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is found after repeated attacks of appendicular peritonitis, and such coils
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abscess of the liver. But it is equally certain that the anioeba is absent in
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Africa, especially on the West Coast, in India, Persia, Turkestan, and
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ments of the nut-bone ufelefs, and the cartilages be-
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Bedford Springs. Bedford, Mass., wonld be glad to send you litera-
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coming. To produce ulceration in any part of the body a necrosis or
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Filarial periodicity is an adaptation of the habits of the filaria to those
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as the rule. The physiognomy is peculiar : the forehead may be prominent,
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ufeof thefe muft be continued daily, till the fymp-
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to omit this re-examination and trust to the fluoroscope. The latter is
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available in the University of Toronto for the carrying on of research
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In some of these cases, the employment of a test meal is of great service
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ry, he afTures us, that the horfes which are conflantly
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only a cursory glance at the pharynx, the "throat" was said to be the cause of
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travafated fluids difcharged at the noftrils have been
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fuffered to eat till the evening ; the efFed of this
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starvation. Other countries were not spared. An epidemic at Liineburg in
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multiply and form toxines, which are dangerous. Of fish, particularly
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lent results follow a rigid intestinal antisepsis. The salicylate of soda, by
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This is the wool that is moft acceptable in foreign
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been followed in all of Belter's recent cases and is greatly appre-
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cent, with normal vision, 58 per cent, with definite visual damage, and
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eighteen months' interneship in one of the New York Hospitals he was
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diminishes the glycogenic function of the liver, and this may help to
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resembled an ordinary full-grown intracorpuscular plasmodium (Fig. 40, a) ;
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The tendency to recurrence is so strong, that a certain class of case is