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mentioned a great factor in the causation of suppurative nephri-

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ing of the right auricular wall, which also becomes hypertrophied in tri-

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(with a total of 42 cases) in Chicago, in 1894. Endemie appearances

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cannot be properly cared for at home ; indeed, their removal to an asylum

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Westboro Insane Hospital; which now accommodates more than

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of the other over the sternum. In an inconsiderable number of cases

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diagnosis according to the methods laid down in the preliminary section

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brain and of the cerebral and spinal membranes ; also of the lungs,

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There is rarely any danger to life, except when the secondary affection

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not because of its destructive action on the endo-cardium but be-

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adequate drainage per vaginam. My own experience teaches me

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muscles, is diminished or absent in Addison's disease. On the contrary,

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auricle when the blood refuses to flow from an arm vein has also been

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Diagnosis. — From ordinary bronchitis it is to be distinguished by the

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various causes — inflation of the stomach, external tapping, neuroses,

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deleterious action upon the kidneys, and also because it seems to be

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scribed inflammation, the pain and tenderness propagate themselves

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has shown, are frequently mistaken for movable kidney ; occasionally the

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upon systemic pathology, A. G Nichols has been associated as a

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rare exceptions, carcinoma of this organ is secondary to similar growths in

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muscles and solid viscera of animals. Different varieties of cysticerci

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and lobar pneumonia, and from extension of inflammation from

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nines and incisors, and is formed by a deposition of lead sulphid. Bluish

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is very doubtful. If the disease occur early in life and if there is a

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