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last annual report there were children of school age in the county
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they seemed to be larger in size and were here opaque. The mesenteric
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out the plans recommended above at any rate to carry them out strictly
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for assimilation. Meat or other protein foods are di
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lated organism is seen less frequently. The latter are constantly
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better than most stones. The harder the brick the better
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with the pulse rather quicker and the heat rather higher than natural
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vomiting and nausea begin with three drops and increase but one
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increase may be noted while the patient is on conservative treatment.
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and digitalis are recommended in suitable cases and the application of
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peritoneal cavity again or to delay the closing of the abdomen until
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of macrocosm and microcosm is encountered among numerous
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Exmoor and equally destitute of good looks possessing not the
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of sarcoidosis was made. A trial of steroid therapy was
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engorges swells up the vessels of the lower intestines
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related or are rolled up or to one side. The pupils vary
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associations of the Bar are invited to send delegates to the Con
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of the etiology of pellagra but to emphasize the importance of facing
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result of the mechanical obstruction to the capillary circulation of the
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intimate associates a warm outspoken friend and the community
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the left finger and thumb. In first performing this operation
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that of the cases admitted to the Pennsylvania Hospffal in the summer of
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room the temperature of which was kept approximately
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until the entire left lung became involved. The breathing was rapid
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lend aid as indicated and perform all extraneous functions.
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second case in which the patient distinctly asserted that he
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and honorable and in acknowledging our fealty to it we consider our
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replaced by the less active molecules of connective tissue degeneration
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tained. From being smooth and unirritatiug it excites so little disturbance that
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remoter effects and most of the Hterature omits all reference
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Wednesday evening the th inst. a paper entitled Some
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patients show excessive physical activity and present a
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rheumatism. The dose in each case was about one hun
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be presented to the medical staff for review of the
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The ifveslthy assigned a beauteous garden to their departed
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hemiplegia. Pressure on the cranial nerves at the base of the brain
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trachea and bronchi the patient is allowed to come out of the
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portion of the hospital staff to devote themselves for their
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the weight is probably something under that of a normal embryo of four
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on the left eye thus inoculating himself. The pustule
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will recall one of the rare curiosities of that institution who
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that s over seven women a day. In alone Kentucky women are
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It may precede and follow them. It is sometimes accompanied with convul
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internal hydrocephalus are rare results. The duration is from a few