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culosis an examination by the a*-ray may show us that there is

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duce emesis. In acute inflammation of the stomach, whenever

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somewhat, according to the proportion of the blood outside the

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tum, dissects the facia, and invaginates it into the ingui-

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been sanctioned and variously modified by Gibson, Beer,

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much importance. Acids here are the antiseptics and anti-

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"In dysentery, after the bloody stool and tenesmus stage has

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toms of peritonitis manifested themselves, and the patient died

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may possibly represent a metamorphosis into a minuter variety

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the most serious things we have to contend with in disease. To

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of the disease. When acute inflammatory s3^mptoms have already set in,

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The laryngeal mirror being thus in position, with its metallic

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moved, the one upon the other, by means of a rack. These

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often rupture into the esophagus, or into the right or left pleura ;

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ligature connected M'ith the portion of omentum has not yet

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The cutaneous pigment will provide a better guide than the

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infants, and is useful in suppression of the lacteal secretion. It