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the action of which is directed chiefly toward red corpuscles and leuko-

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In sciatica a rectal examination should not be omitted. The thermocautery,

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in the form of pale-red circular wheals in successive crops (often fleeting

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it to children. It is most frequently observed in dogs, but has also been

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Prophylaxis and Treatment.— It may be assumed that in any com-

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the fan bath is often of great use; the patient is wrapped in one layer of

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diaphragm being the apparent cause of the friction sound.

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blooded animals exert positive chemotaxis upon leukocytes and stimulate

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predominant, such as severe headache, delirium, mania or convulsions. The

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tion than the unmarried. The higher death-rate suffered

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of the ligature. The same condition of anoxemia is produced.

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tuberculosis. The word "rheumatism" will be used here in this general

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monia, rinderpest, sheep-pox, chicken-typhus, horse-sickness, epithelioma

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panies utilized their regular examiners; nine had examina-

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lactic acid and other products of tissue waste are arrested in

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so contagious that they formed a habit of sending in these

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of cases in Kobe in Japan, in Manchuria, Korea, and among the Russian

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to recognize the leading points in the transmission of the disease. But the

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series and the mortality of reported cases is about 30 per cent. This is partly

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cent.; of those who died over eighty, both parents survived

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believes that it is due to "the same causes as is the condition of the alveoli

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stimulation. In another group the collapse appears suddenly and death