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Dr. G. R. shepherd Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance

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agents, who have received their appointment as such, and

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detain you a moment or two longer to tell of one of

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ings often, in perils of waters, ... in perils in the city,

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consultant or at autopsy. We should be particularly on our guard when we

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Convulsions occurred in 1 per cent, of the writers' cases. Thej/ are

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epidemic it appeared as a disease transmitted by direct contact and not by

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min in the urine is because there are certain factors in opera-

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influenza may precede the tj^^hoid attack. In some cases a severe influenza

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cess." The term "excess" may be one of uncertain or

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Relapsing fever, as a rule, is not very dangerous; Murchison estimated

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mentioned: Thyroiditis ending in suppuration has been reported by

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occur quite constantly is indicated by a very extensive series of investiga-

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culous process, but it frequently happens that a rapid disintegration of pul-

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The Operation. — The first method, and that of Jenner himself, was

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become worse and the patient passes into a serious state. In others the

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few, and are of slight practical service. A student who wishes

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the first part of the stage of invasion. During the latter part of the stage of

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the catharsis a hot mustard foot bath should be administered, and the

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College in 1864, and at once took a post-graduate course in

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based on such examinations, there is very definite evidence that recovery

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domen, on the flexor surfaces of the arms, on the legs, in the folds of the

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erythema surrounding the areola, forming irregular rectangular areas, the

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marked that it is rare to see a patient who has kept about longer than the

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theory of the dyscrasic origin of albuminuria due to the

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ism, it will be remembered, is an urban disease. Epidemic outbreaks and

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persons only 15 per cent, underweight at the earlier ages,

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